bicycleAs an active bike commuter, it would be nice to remind automobile drivers and bicycle riders of the rules for bicycles and motorists. Intersections always seem to be an issue while riding, especially when turning left. Another situation a bike rider can get into is when a 2 lane turns into one lane and a right turn lane. If the rider wants to go straight where does the bike go?

Sharing With Horses

Horse Warning SignIs it possible to write an article regarding the dangers of vehicles and horses on our roads? As a horse owner, it can be very scary out there. Please impress upon the public that driving at high speeds, passing and approaching horses on the roads could be an accident waiting to happen.

Steering Wheel Hand Placement

Steering Wheel Hand PlacementHave you ever done an article on hand placement on the steering wheel? This is essential to avoid a collision or to regain control of your vehicle in an emergency situation of any kind.

Driver's Licence Restrictions

New Driver SignsMy girls attend high school and daily I watch as many of these students fill their cars with friends while displaying the "N". I spoke to my girls about this and they said that these young people just ignore that stipulation because no one checks and it is a nuisance being allowed to only carry one passenger.

Dogs in the Back of Pickups

Dog in Pickup BoxJust mention the words "truck ride" and our dog becomes your shadow. Like most dogs, she refuses to be left behind when someone is going for a drive. Being a lap dog, she rides inside and thinks that the right front seat is hers, although she will happily let people sit underneath her.

The Roadside Camper

Roadside Camping

Spring must be on the minds of many as I have already received a request for information on camping beside the highway. This reader wants to know if there are any rules in BC that would stop someone from camping on the side of the highway overnight.

Left Turn on Red

No Left Turn SignWhen I was relatively new to police work I was patrolling behind a car that had stopped at a red light with the left turn signal blinking. The next thing I knew, this car had turned left against the red light! Well, on went the lights and siren and I chased down this alleged red light runner. This would be an easy ticket, or so I thought.

Military Police Powers

Military Police FlashWhat powers do military police have to enforce traffic laws?

Every once in a while someone asks me a question that I am just not prepared for. This is one of them, so I went directly to the experts and consulted the Military Police at CFB Comox.

Merging Traffic

Right Lane Ends Ahead SignIt seems that drivers in BC generally have a big problem when it comes to merging. In this case let's say from two lanes to one. In the normal course of events merging shouldn't be any hassle at all - take turns, one from the left then one from the right - it all moves along nicely, and has a minimal effect on holding up traffic. Not in BC! Here it appears to be everyone for him/herself.

Business Vehicles

Commercial TruckAdvertising is a concern for all businesses. It is meant to draw attention to the business and encourage customers to visit and spend their money on the products and services offered. Many businesses take advantage of company vehicles to act as a moving billboard by placing graphics on the outside. What kind of advertising is your business vehicle doing?

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