Drinking and Driving

Keys and DrinkWhoosh! Here comes a car overtaking my cruiser at 144 km/h in the posted 110 km/h zone. It's dark at 11:30 pm and at that speed, any animal or object on the road won't be identified in time and a collision is almost sure to occur. This is only the beginning of the story.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock BrakesAnti-lock brakes (ABS) have gone from being a novelty to being present on most vehicles today. Have you read and understood the section of your vehicle owner's manual on this vital safety system? Contrary to popular belief, ABS does not always mean shorter stopping distances.

Transfer of Licence Plates

BC License PlateMoving licence plates from one vehicle to another is not just a simple matter of being able to use a screwdriver. Many people run into trouble in the form of a heavy fine and a tow truck when they try to move their plates to a substitute vehicle and don't do it properly.

Driving and Cell Phones

Driving DistractionsI'm a bit surprised that I have never dealt with the subject of cell phone use while driving in this column. There has been ample opportunity, from observing drivers while I am at work, to reading reports about it from safety researchers, your suggestions, and even a comment from the judiciary about clamping down on drivers who use them when they drive.

Safe Following Distance

Cut OffIt is interesting to watch drivers following others in poor road conditions. They're still far too close for the speed being travelled, and their wipers are going like mad trying to keep the windshield clear. That's good news for the people that sell washer fluid but one does wonder why these drivers don't just drop back a few vehicle lengths and let the spray settle before they have to drive through it.


SpeedwatchWhat is the idea behind the speed reader board at the roadside? Is speed watch out to help the police see that speeding drivers get charged? Why are the people writing notes? These are common questions asked about a very valuable volunteer group in your community.

New Year 2005

New Year ImageWhat will the New Year bring? If it is like those that have passed, B.C. will see in the neighbourhood of 47,000 crashes that result in 20,000 injury incidents and 400 fatal incidents. Think back on 2004 and see if you know someone whose life has been affected by a crash. Now look at your vehicle insurance bill and see another way that you have been affected by those crashes.

Christmas 2004

Christmas ImageWhich gifts would I like to see under my tree this year, and which gifts would I like to leave there for other drivers? That's a tough question if one stops to think about it carefully and honestly. If I could only be so lucky as to have the chance!

Check Your Lights

HID Headlights

The next time you get into your vehicle, start it up, set the parking brake, turn on all of the lights and the hazard flashers. Walk around your vehicle and check all the lights. Are they all lit as they should be, and are the lenses clean, intact and still the right colour? If so, you are good to go from the standpoint of lights at least.

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas WreathNothing says "Merry Christmas" like safety equipment! No, I'm not totally crazy, yet. I just like to give gifts that are potentially really useful to those I give them to. Often they are not items that people consider buying for themselves, and potentially give a huge return in the future when breakdowns are coped with and injuries are avoided.

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