How Long do I...?

StopwatchDiscussions with readers over last weeks column raised an interesting point. I usually talk about it in relation to using a signal light, but it applies equally well to many other areas such as following distances or why the speed limit might seem low on what appears to be a straight road.

Painted Traffic Islands

painted traffic Island Would you write an article on painted traffic islands? As I pass an island with my left turn signal on, someone behind me will often drive across the island, attemping to pass me and turn at the same intersection. I have seen professional drivers do this as well.

Eye Catching or Eyesore?

Scrap Car"Cash for Scrap Vehicles" reads the slogan spray painted on the side of a brightly coloured rust bucket parked precariously on the bank between a fence and the side street. It is visible from the main highway as you drive by and if you look carefully at it you can also see the telephone number to call to take advantage of the service.

RESEARCH - Victoria Transport Policy Institute

transport policyThe Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization based here in our province dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. They regularly make research papers available to the public and here are the most interesting from their last newsletter:

What Would You Say?

Question MarkLast week I received an e-mail from a young lady who was a student at a university in eastern Canada. She was involved in a traffic safety program on the campus that aimed to make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. She said that they had posted a number of new signs and painted some crosswalks but the drivers largely ignored them and drove the way they always did, which wasn't courteous to other types of road users.

Golf Carts

Golf CartMy friends are calling me a fool for buying license and insurance for my golf cart to operate it across the road. They don't license and insure their golf carts, and think I am wasting my money laments a reader.

Guide to RV GVWR, Brakes and Drivers Licence

Large RV TrailerHere's a handy document produced by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement people who are part of the BC Ministry of Transportation. It explains how to determine the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Brake and Driver's Licence requirements for various types of recreational vehicles (RV) operated on BC's highways.

NEWS - Resource Center for Young and New Drivers

TIRF LogoThe Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is pleased to announce the launch of the Young and New Driver Resource Centre. The new centre is a one-stop shop on young and new driver issues that is designed for parents, young and novice drivers, researchers, and policymakers.

Teen Drinking and Driving

Keys and DrinkI spoke to a woman this week who was upset at the way the police had handled the clearing of an out of control party at a residence. The officer had advised all the teens that they must leave immediately and would not listen to reasons for doing anything other than that. She was upset because this forced the teens to drive away from the party while impaired.

NEWS - Older Drivers

TIRF LogoOTTAWA, Apr. 2, 2008 /CNW/ – A new poll by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reveals that Canadians are only moderately concerned about elderly drivers as a safety issue. “We expected more Canadians to be concerned, particularly as the population of elderly drivers is growing and will double in the next 25 years,” says Ward Vanlaar, a research scientist for TIRF.

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