Temporary Spare Tires

Temporary Spare TireIn order to save space in some vehicles, car manufacturers have resorted to supplying a compact spare tire. This small light spare is great for not taking up much room in the trunk, but it's value as a spare tire is also limited.

Disaster Response Routes

Disaster Response Route SignI always thought that the disaster route signs posted beside some of our highways indicated the route that people would take if they had to evacuate during a disaster or major emergency.

Who's Responsible?

vehicle crash photoLet's set the scene. You are driving on a straight two lane stretch of highway marked with a single broken yellow line. You approach a driveway intending to turn left and are slowing and signaling your intention to make that turn. The vehicle behind you slows and the driver of the vehicle behind it becomes impatient, passing on the left and collides with your vehicle when you make the turn.

Traffic Court

GavelHave you ever been traveling a long distance from home and received a traffic ticket that you felt you should dispute in court? Were you disappointed to learn that in order to dispute the allegation you would have to travel all the way back to the court nearest to the place where the ticket was written? Many drivers decide at this point that the issue is not worth pursuing, pay the ticket and carry on.

Emergency Vehicle Signals

AmbulanceWe had a red light and the cross traffic had a green, however at the same time there was also a small blue light right next to the red traffic light which was flashing. For several minutes traffic in all directions remained stopped as it appeared that none of us knew what this was all about. There were no emergency vehicles coming through.

Speed Limits

70 km/h Speed SignA reader asks: "If the posted speed limits on our roadways are not just suggestions, why are they not enforced? If we are permitted to drive above the posted limit, how far above, and if so, how is anyone ever cited for speeding?"

Chill Out!

Road Rage

Ah, the Christmas driving spirit is manifesting itself everywhere. I was sitting in a mall parking lot waiting for my wife and whiling away the time by watching what was going on in the vehicles around me. It was not a happy time of year for the occupants of some of them!

Impaired Driving

CounterAttack LogoThere has been an interesting discussion in a driving forum that I moderate on the internet in the past week. The initiator of that discussion wondered why he had been hassled by the police for driving when his blood alcohol level was less than the legal limit. He felt that a 24 hour prohibition was inappropriate when he "only blew a warning."

Parking on the Wrong Side

Park Wrong SideHave you noticed the growing tendency of lazy drivers who are now crossing over oncoming lanes of traffic to stop in front of particular addresses? It used to be that I would happen to notice people parked facing the wrong way in front of houses but now a week doesn't go by where I come nearly face to face in a game of parking chicken with a driver who has decided to cross over the center line to stop in front of a house.

Being Seen

Daytime Running LightsModel year 1990 is an important date in Canadian traffic safety history. Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, car, bus or truck, if it was produced in this model year or is newer it must have been manufactured with daytime running lights. More importantly still, BC laws require that if the vehicle was produced with daytime running lights those lights must be operating properly in order to drive legally today.

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